Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wednesday in May

I thought that seeing as how this is my first blog post I would show you a few things that I am going to buy on payday- which is wierdly the 14th ... I know who gets paid the 14th of each month!

Okay so first of all I'm looking for a new dress. Something that I can wear during the day and maybe dress up a little on nights out! I think I have found it...

This picture is from Dorothy Perkins Blog. I love this outfit and could imagine wearing it to a summer wedding or Garden Party. Pretty Pink Bird Dress (£45), Cream Seedbead Plait Bracelet (£8.50) and Cream Split Platforms (£50.00). All are from Olivia Rubin at Dorothy Perkins.

I love it when designers collaborate with a high street store to make an affordable collection!

Now living in the middle of nowhere, I would 'stand out like a saw thumb' if I were to wear heels all day, everyday. Therefore, I like to dress casually. One of my favourite shops that sell nice but comfy clothes is Seasalt.

I really like this Knitted top. It will go really well with skinny jeans and pumps for a casual comfy look! The clothes that Seasalt sell are all really good quality and well made. This top is 100% Cotton.

I have the day off of work tommorow so I may go shopping. I'm looking for a new nail polish...something bright and summery. Unfortunatly I work in Healthcare so can only wear it on my toes/days off!

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What are you going to buy on Payday?