Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I knew you were trouble

I needed some new eyelash curlers so I went to Superdrug and bought some QVS ones. I have never heard of them before, so I will keep you updated as to if they are worth buying or not. They were only about £4 so quite cheap really.

Whilst I was at Superdrug, I noticed a new range of products called 'Simply Pure'. As they are new they were on offer at the moment, so I'm going to be trying out the Oil balancing serum. It is supposed to hydrate combination skin without clogging pores. I quite like the packaging which is part of the reason that I bought it! I'm a complete sucker for nice packaging on anything really!

The other item that I got whilst I was there was the Bourjois Concealer Stick in Light Beige number 71 (£7.49). The yellow and white pigments are supposed to hide dark circles and imperfections and my skin is looking awful at the moment, so I need all of the help that I can get! I usually really like Bourjois products and have been using the Healthy Mix foundation for about a year now and I think it applies really well and smells quite nice too. It is a creamy texture and comes as a twisty stick, so it goes exactly where you want it to and don't end up losing lots of product which is what I normally do. 

Above top left: Simply Pure Oil Balancing Serum. Top Right: Bourjois Concealer Stick.
Bottom Left: Bourjois concealer stick swatched on my arm. Bottom Right: QVS Eyelash Curlers.

I really need to start drinking more water to try and re-hydrate my skin, as it is starting to look really zapped. Probably due to the time of year, being quite windy and cold and being indoors with the radiators on. If anyone has any tips on keeping their skin nice in winter, then please share them with me as I hate my skin at the moment.

Tonight my plan is to have a nice bath with my Lush Snow Fairy and then watch I'm a Celebrity get me out of here with my Vermonster Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream. I think Vermonster has overtaken Cherry Garcia as my all time favourite.

Which products do you use in the winter to hydrate your skin?
Have you tried any QVS tools before?

Monday, 26 November 2012

Princess Night

I love a nice new perfume, so when I was in TK Maxx a few weeks ago I was really excited to see that the Vera Wang Princess Night perfume was only £19.99. Seeing as how it normally retails at £45 I feel that this offer was to good to pass up and therefore I had to buy it... would have been a crime not to really!

I had never tried any Vera Wang perfumes before, so I did really choose it because of the name and super pretty packaging (I'm an advertisers dream customer clearly)!

The perfume comes in a shiny purple box with a nice little purple glittery heart on the front... it is too cute! 

The bottle is heart shaped and is covered in black/dark purple glitter. The lid is a silver crown with purple gemstones dotted around it.

The perfume is quite sweet I would say and is designed to wear of an evening, but I've been wearing it everywhere including to work so I think you can wear it where you like to really!

My photograph taking skills leave a lot to be desired, but in real life the bottle looks much prettier!

Which perfumes have you been trying lately?
Have you put any on you Christmas list?

Sunday, 25 November 2012


I haven't done a movie review before so I thought that I would for a change. The other night me and a friend went to see the film 'Silver Linings Playbook'. Other than watching the trailer I wasn't really sure what to expect, but as it has Bradley Cooper in it I thought it would be funny.

The basic story line is that Pat (Bradley Cooper) has been in a mental institution after he went on a little rampage when he found his wife with another man. He is released and the story follows him trying to win back his wife Nikki. Along the way he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) a girl with a few issues of her own and they become friends through dancing. 

I wouldn't say that this movie is the best of the year or anything and to be honest it does drag a little (however I did go to a 10pm screening and started to get tired!). I would definitely go and see it especially if you have two for one orange Wednesdays and just to see Bradley Cooper really.

In other news Magic Mike is out on DVD in the UK on Monday 26th November... I pretty much love Channing Tatum! 

Are there any films that you are looking forward to being released?

Saturday, 24 November 2012


I love Lush at Christmas time, with all of their lovely gift sets and seasonal products. I went on a mad shopping spree yesterday and decided to stop by at Lush and buy myself a few treats as a sort of it's almost my birthday/Christmas present to myself!

I love the little melting snowman bath melts that you can get for your bath so I bought one of those. He looks too cute to destroy in my bath, but smells divine and at only £1.95 I think he is a bargain. I love the fact that it has chocolate buttons on it (obviously you can't eat them!). The scent reminds me of Christmas/Winter as it is like cinnamon! Amazing!

I also bought the Shower Gel which I think everyone loves at Christmas 'Snow Fairy'. I'm not sure why they only sell it at Christmas, but I suppose that it makes it extra special and on a par with the likes of Christmas pudding and marzipan. If you haven't tried it before (where have you been?) it smells like candyfloss and is really sweet and lovely.

 The Shower Gel costs £6.25 for 250g but you can buy a smaller and larger size.

What is your favourite Christmas bath product?
Do you like the Lush items?

Friday, 23 November 2012

Christmas Kisses

I have been AWOL from my blog recently due to work and assignments etc so I thought that I would write a little post about a new product which I have purchased for the Christmas season.

I saw on  Fleur De Force Vlog a really nice Lip stain by Yves Saint Laurent in No 10.  The colour was so perfect that I just had to buy it, so today I went to my nearest Debenhams and bought myself a little present. 

At £22.50 I would say that it is a little extravagant for me but I think that the colour and feel of it are definitely worth the price tag. It is like a lipstick but with a nice sheen to it and wears really well. I have so far had three cups of tea and eaten a meal and it is still in place! 
The colour itself is an almost red/raspberry colour and really stands out, so perfect for christmas nights out!

The floor that you can see in the back on that picture is my bedroom. I wanted to have bare floorboards and had the vision on them being beautiful, in reality I have had quite a few (painful) splinters and am looking for a new carpet (despite saying that I hate carpet)!

I will definetly be buying more of these lipstains in the near future and have my eye of a more pink tone one, which I think will be great for the spring time.

Have you tried any YSL Glossy Lipstains?