Saturday, 24 November 2012


I love Lush at Christmas time, with all of their lovely gift sets and seasonal products. I went on a mad shopping spree yesterday and decided to stop by at Lush and buy myself a few treats as a sort of it's almost my birthday/Christmas present to myself!

I love the little melting snowman bath melts that you can get for your bath so I bought one of those. He looks too cute to destroy in my bath, but smells divine and at only £1.95 I think he is a bargain. I love the fact that it has chocolate buttons on it (obviously you can't eat them!). The scent reminds me of Christmas/Winter as it is like cinnamon! Amazing!

I also bought the Shower Gel which I think everyone loves at Christmas 'Snow Fairy'. I'm not sure why they only sell it at Christmas, but I suppose that it makes it extra special and on a par with the likes of Christmas pudding and marzipan. If you haven't tried it before (where have you been?) it smells like candyfloss and is really sweet and lovely.

 The Shower Gel costs £6.25 for 250g but you can buy a smaller and larger size.

What is your favourite Christmas bath product?
Do you like the Lush items?