Monday, 26 November 2012

Princess Night

I love a nice new perfume, so when I was in TK Maxx a few weeks ago I was really excited to see that the Vera Wang Princess Night perfume was only £19.99. Seeing as how it normally retails at £45 I feel that this offer was to good to pass up and therefore I had to buy it... would have been a crime not to really!

I had never tried any Vera Wang perfumes before, so I did really choose it because of the name and super pretty packaging (I'm an advertisers dream customer clearly)!

The perfume comes in a shiny purple box with a nice little purple glittery heart on the front... it is too cute! 

The bottle is heart shaped and is covered in black/dark purple glitter. The lid is a silver crown with purple gemstones dotted around it.

The perfume is quite sweet I would say and is designed to wear of an evening, but I've been wearing it everywhere including to work so I think you can wear it where you like to really!

My photograph taking skills leave a lot to be desired, but in real life the bottle looks much prettier!

Which perfumes have you been trying lately?
Have you put any on you Christmas list?