Tuesday, 5 February 2013

25 Facts

I have decided to jump on the '25 Facts About Me' bandwagon, so here goes...

  1. I can't swim. No I really can't, I used to say that I was 'allergic' to chlorine so I didn't have to go to swimming lessons and when my friend tried to teach me I just looked like a drowning dog!
  2. My favourite colour is green.
  3. My favourite number is 7.
  4. I hate fish! The smell, the texture, the eyes, the black bits eugh... though I don't mind it very occasionally deep fried from the fish and chip shop.
  5. I passed my driving test on the second attempt, the first one went horribly wrong and resulted in me crying whilst driving around for a good ten minutes! The poor examiner must have been terrified mwhahaha serves him right for failing me!
  6. I once met Gary Barlow and Jason Donovan when they came for a cream tea together with their wives in the village teashop I used to work in. Jason was at one point making seal noises... very weird day!
  7. I bite my nails. Its disgusting but I do!
  8. I'm really quite shy and either don't say anything or don't stop talking when I meet people- I'm pretty sure lots of people have thought I was pretty rude ignoring them in the past but I literally don't know what to say... so I say nothing!
  9. My dream job would be to present Blue Peter or Countryfile.
  10. I have some Hunter wellies in purple to match my car. 
  11. I'm studying Early Child Education and want to be a Reception class teacher.
  12. I have had a couple of grey hairs since I was 17! I dye my hair though so it's OK.
  13. I love Chicken. 
  14. I want a teacup maltease puppy! I would call it Tilly if it was a girl or Truffle if it was a boy.
  15. I drink way too much tea. At least 8 cups a day and I get a headache if I don't.
  16. The first time I went to uni was in 2009 and I dropped out after 5 months. I hated it!
  17. I work in a Nursing Home and I really enjoy it. If the pay was better I would work in care forever but I don't want to live on minimum wage for the whole of my life.
  18. I can't listen to the song 'Bad day' by Daniel Powter. I always think it will bring me bad luck which is really silly but I always turn the radio over in a panic if it comes on!
  19. I love talcum powder. It smells so nice and love putting it on after a bath.
  20. I have never been on an plane or left the country.
  21. I never try clothes on in shops and I never take stuff back, therefore I often end up with clothes that don't fit/look awful!
  22. I wear flat dolly type shoes all year round even in the rain.
  23. I live near the sea but I hardly ever go to the beach- I drive past it everyday but don't go actually on it as much as I should.
  24. Cherry Garcia and Vermonster are my favourite Ice creams ever!
  25. I love going to the Cinema, more so than going out out!
There we go 25 Facts about me.

I can't wait to read more of everyone else's facts!
Fact 26: I'm nosy!