Thursday, 9 August 2012

Her Mango Thoughts

I have posted previously about my love for treaclemoon and was really excited to try the new Her Mango Thoughts* Body Butter.

I have tried body butter before and like how they nourish the skin and smell divine at the same time. The treaclemoon Her Mango Thoughts body butter is just like The Body Shops but at fraction of the price... bonus! At only £4.05 for a large tub 250ml or £3.03 for the equally delicious Her Mango Thoughts bath and shower gel 500ml.
It sinks in really well and the scent lingers on your skin whilst keeping it nice and mositused which is exactly what I want in a product! Perfect for summer.

I love the packaging on the products on Her Mango Thoughts it says:

"something about mango made the girl see the magic in everything... its happy scent filled her heart with an invisible sunshine."

Something that is great about treaclemoon is that they do not test on animals and make sure that none of the ingredients that go in to their lovely products has been tested on animals either! On top of that they also have their own charity called Khandel Light which you can find out more about here

You can buy treaclemoon products at Tesco or Online at their shop here

Whats your favourite body butter?
Have you tried anything from treaclemoon?

*PR Sample