Friday, 8 August 2014

Maggs London

I have been following Hannah maggs blog and blogs for a while and was really excited when she released some beautiful little make up bags and I just had to have one.

Now they aren't cheap (£20ish) but are handmade and come lovingly wrapped in brown paper, string and with a cute little handwritten note. However I did buy a make up bag for £30 last year which was just a generic factory made one, so it isn't that bad really, when you think of all of the work that has gone into making it.

I chose the bag called "The Little Moments' which has pretty little flowers on and cost £23.96 plus p&p. It is great quality and is lined inside so any make up can easily be wiped off.

                           How cute is the bag and wrapping?

                You can buy these bags from