Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Asda Haul

Now I know, I know that it is still peak summer (someone tell the weather that!) But I'm already excited about Christmas! I love love love it! Plus my birthday is in December, so double win (7th in case you were wondering).

I've been eating a little bit more than I probably should have been these past few months, especially true at that certain time of the month when I could just demolish the contents of the fridge, biscuit cupboard etc etc!
Therefore I am now looking to adopt a little healthier lifestyle and diet. I'm not huge but I would like to be a more comfortable 8/10 rather than my current 10/12.

I popped into asda today in search of some healthy food choices and picked up this little lot.

I picked up some cucumber, radish, jackets, frozen veg, grapes, lactofree yogurts, jelly, Ovaltine, weight watcher malted bread, peaches, Muller light, chicken and bacon. This little lot came to around £20 which I think is a bargain and why I love asda.

Tonight I made chicken with veg and had a lactofree yogurt for afters, and am about to have an Ovaltine and some jelly while I watch BBC ones 'in the club'.

I would love any advice on what other people have done in order to adopt a healthier lifestyle and diet.