Friday, 28 December 2012

New Years Eve

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and ate lots and had a generally great time with all of the festivities. 

Although I love Christmas this 'limbo period' between Christmas and New Year is always a little boring (although I'm working a few days in the Nursing Home; so it's not all slobbing around eating the last of the quality streets and watching trashy TV for me).

I always go to Newquay for New Years Eve and everyone dresses up in fancy dress. I used to think everyone did fancy dress for New Year until recently when I found out that quite a lot of people wear really nice ball gowns or party frocks!

Therefore this is always a time when I need to plan my costume, although in reality it is a panic buy at about 4pm on New Years Eve and I end up going as something terrible.

This year we have decided upon an 'Army Girl' theme, so that should be fairly easy (I hope!) with lots of camo, green, brown and black. I won't be wearing combat pants however. I'm thinking more along the lines of this. 

What do you think? 

Here are some of my previous costumes! Be warned I do not look great in these!

'Greek Goddess'

'Cave Woman'

I also dressed up as 'Wonderwoman' one year, however I could not find a picture where I looked even remotely ok. Think Summer Roberts in the OC but a lot less graceful!

What are your plans for New Years Eve?
Do you have any dodgy fancy dress pictures?