Saturday, 6 September 2014

Perkier porridge

Now it is getting a little chillier and I'm going back to doing both uni and work I need something quick, filling and healthy for breakfast.

Having tried the Perkier Rocky Road and being over the moon with finding a healthier treat, I decided to give the Perkier porridge a whirl.

Now when I'm in a rush in the morning and need something quick these are going to be just the ticket. You take the lid off, fill up to the line with boiling water, stir and replace the lid until it thickens up! Easy and quick!

I've tried both but the apple one is my favourite, I'm hoping to find some more flavours to keep me going over the cold winter months, as I do like a bit of variety in my breakfasts! On the Perkier website they also have a Golden Syrup flavour one, but unfortunately it wasn't in Sainsburys when I nipped in so I'm going to try ASDA again! You can also buy online.

Find out more about Perkier here.