Monday, 9 July 2012

classic No 7

I often get tired, puffy eyes and unfortunately suffer from dark circles.
So by luck I came across No7 Awakening Eye Gel. The Gel is Hypo-allergenic, Fragrance Free and perfect for sensitive skin.

  After a long 12 hour shift at work I love nothing more than having a nice hot bath and then applying the cooling Eye Gel to my eyes.

The product is like a serum and isn't greasy or sticky (which I hate), therefore you can pop it under your foundation in the mornings after a late night.

  To apply No7 Awakening Eye Gel you 'dot' it around the contours of your eyes and then gently pat it in. You only get 15mls in a tube but thankfully Boots No7 have made the end of the tube small so only small 'dots' of the product come out at a time.

I only came across this product as it was in a Boots offer around Mothers day; and as I was buying some products for my Mum, I thought i would treat myself in the process!

Do you like No7 or are there any other Eye Gels that you would recommend?